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Here are Zythum Infosys, we bring in new data feeds directly acquired from various API daily. We are proud to announce that we currently supply Call Center Leads and data to more than 250 Centers and have over 1200 centers in our affiliate network who have bought from us in the last 3 - 6 years. All these leads are generated through web-forms by online submissions by clients and customers directly. We give guarantee on all our leads and data verticals including Real Time web generated Payday/ Personal Loan data, High quality Grants leads, High Connectivity High Income Raw Dialer Data, Mortgage Internet Feeds, Verified Paid email leads, EDU (Education) opt-in Data, IRS Tax Resolution Leads, Seniors File/Old Age leads and many more . We are one of the biggest Data Aggregators, Publishers and Vendors in the country. Here are some details about our Current Data files :

We generate our data using various marketing methods. We have a series and network on landing pages. We adopt SMS marketing, what's app marketing, email marketing, social media techniques and many more to generate high quality traffic for our websites. These clients apply for payday loans on our website, and we get those real time data to you in a matter of few minutes. Payday loans help people through bad times in getting easy cash with extremely less documentation. Now companies like Z Transfers come into picture and get you those interested clients who have financial need. These are fresh clients looking for help.

1. Fresh Exclusive Web Generated Payday Loan Opt-ins Long Form Leads and Short Form data:

3-6 hours old applied | over 80% connectivity | TCPA compliant | Replacement Guarantee on all disconnected and invalid numbers. Conversion over 5% currently. These leads are pulled from ping-trees and payday web-forms. Our existing buyers are getting great response out of these. Our Real Time Payday leads are generated through various channels which include web generated opt ins, social media traffic, email marketing, what's app marketing etc. We have access to multiple Payday loan short forms leads and Hot Payday loan long form leads | Live Payday Leads | Bank filtered Payday leads. Our company produces TCPA Compliant leads which follow each and every guideline laid by the Government in order to provide telemarketing services. We follow human less delivery service procedures for data protection. Once the leads are generated, these are uploaded to our cloud servers for processing. Noone in our company has access to those leads. Our technology makes us superior as compared to all other data vendors in the industry because they do not have such technology in place.

Replacement Policy: We give you entire 24-48 hours to analyse if the leads you got were decent enough for your use or not. If you are not satisfied, you drop us a message and our team will start the process of replacement after taking market response into consideration. We have hundreds of satisfied clients who buy from us froml across the world. We experience makes you want to work with us. Our extremely professional team helps to reach your goal.

2. Grants applied Internet short forms / High Connectivity Homeowners Dialer Data Leads:

3-6 hours old applied | Best Connectivity| TCPA compliant | Replacement Guarantee on all disconnected and invalid numbers. These clients have leads for various grants programs initiated by the government such as health grants, medical grants, education grants, disability grants etc. We also have Raw Homeowners calling leads available for grants. Best Conversion Grants Leads Guaranteed.

3. Fresh IRS Tax Resolution Leads:

3 hours old applied | over 85% connectivity | TCPA compliant | Replacement Guarantee on all disconnected and invalid numbers. These leads are pulled from IRS Tax Payer file which is working out exceptionally well for our existing buyers. All these customers has a current outstanding debt which they owe to IRS.

4. Mortgage and Debt web applied phone records:

24 hours old applied | over 70% connectivity | TCPA compliant | Replacement Guarantee on all disconnected and invalid numbers. We have various options available for these verticals including TV, Web-forms, Radio, Live Transfers, aged transfers, aged opt-ins Mortgage and Debt leads etc.

5. EDU | Education Live real time data:

2 -3 hours old applied | over 80% connectivity | TCPA compliant | Replacement Guarantee on all disconnected and invalid numbers. Current conversion is over 3% which isn't bad as far as market standards are concerned. Our Education Leads are setting a new benchmark in the industry.

6. Auto Finance Leads: We have excellent quality Auto Finance and Car Warranty leads available. These are both short and long form leads which are pulled from web-forms as soon as they are generated. TCPA compliant | connectivity over 80%. We replace all bad and invalid leads.

7.High Connectivity USA High Income Homeowners leads: We are currently generating over 200k Fresh and Exclusive generic homeowner opt-ins on a daily basis. These can be used for various campaigns and are 100% TCPA compliant. We verify both phone number and email addresses before sending out files daily.

8. Paid Email leads | Tech Support Leads | Anti Virus Leads: We are currently generating over 80k Tech support leads a day. We are also generating close to 50k Anti virus leads for USA and UK. These are the clients looking to buy or upgrade anti virus or their pc is severely infected with a virus and they are looking for a quick fix.

9. We also have Solar leads, Legal Leads, Health and Auto Insurance Leads, Student Loan Leads, Edu Leads, Weight loss Leads, MCA leads, Debt Collection Leads etc.

10. High Connectivity Ireland Leads| Buy Ireland Cell Phone numbers: If you are looking for High quality and high connectivity Ireland Cell Phones or Landlines, you are the right spot. We are generating over 50k Irelands leads daily. Fresh ones which haven't been sold to anyone. We have both Landlines and Cell Phones, so we can segregate the type as your requirements.

11. Canadian Homeowners Leads| Buy Canada high connectivity leads: We have Recently introduced Canada High Income and High Connectivity leads. These are one of the best quality leads available in the market today. We can filter cell phones for highest level of connectivity. These are cheap and work really well with our clients.

12. Australian High connectivity Leads| Buy Australia Homeowner data: We are generating High Quality Australian leads. Our existing clients are getting bumper connectivity and superb response in terms of sales and conversion. We offer the highest level of connectivity in the Australian Leads Market. Contact us today.

13. UK Cell Phone Leads| Buy UK high connectivity Leads : If you are looking for High quality and high connectivity UK Cell Phones or Landlines, you are the right spot. These are the Top quality leads available in the market today. We Guarantee the highest level of connectivity in the UK Leads Market.

Fresh EMAIL Lists: Email marketing Lists is one of the best ways to connect to your audience however getting access to live working emails is a challenge in today's market. We are generating over 50000 Fresh verified emails daily. These are all 100% working, compiled, 100% opted -in email addresses. Our allocations team send you your fresh batch of emails daily which can be used to blast your advertisement news letters. We offer these at the best rates in the industry starting from $0.005.


We also have access to 180 Million US consumer database which is cleaned every 2 weeks. It comes with over 75% connectivity. Please contact us for bulk orders. All orders will be delivered by our operations team between 8 - 9 AM Pacific Standard time. You can also contact them directly at if in case you don't receive your order.

Please note: All orders are accepted 12 hours before the delivery schedule . Small testing orders are available. No Free samples. Send all orders to or call us at +91-9811-600-674 today!!

GST Invoice: We issue GST invoice for every order placed with us. All prices are inclusive of 18% GST as per Indian GST Law. Invoices will be sent along with data files to claim GST Input Credit. If your company is registered under GST, you can use our invoice to claim input credit for your production and all your Tax Paid can be saved. You may contact us for more details and explanation. By buying our leads and paying the invoice, you agree that you or your company will be entirely responsible all the use of the leads/data. This file should be used with the sole discretion of the end user, and we take no responsibility for its usage. This data should be used as per US, India or any other target nations rules and regulations.

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