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Debt Settlement Live Transfers / Debt Relief Leads (Inbound Calls)

ZTransfers (Zythum Infosys Group) is specialized in generating Debt consolidation call verified Leads and Debt Settlement Warm Call Transfers. These are exclusively transferred directly to your telephone and you get 100% contact ratio. You do not have to waste your time in calling people who are not interested.

Here at Z Transfers (Zythum Infosys Group), we work as true professionals and it is our first priority to get you the highest conversion. We are confident that you would be proud of using our expertise in generating Qualified Debt Settlement Leads. Our Double Verification process assures very high quality and a 100% contact ratio, something that is hard to find in the lead generation industry. Our live transfers possess the capability to be closed at Over 15% Conversion Ratio. We screen each and every call twice so that you get what you are looking for. Our Interest Rate reduction Leads have set a milestone in the industry by closing at over 20% ratio many times. Our prime motive has never been quantity but quality because we always aim at a long term business relationship. These are delivered to you on an easy to use portal (WEB-CRM) with email notification system so that you don't have to waste time chasing down cold leads. We purchase our Data from multiple Debt Settlement Internet Landing Pages and Daily Internet Feeds. Here we get you Real Time Debt Settlement Live Transfer Leads where clients are looking for your help. We make sure each and every client can afford the minimum payments for your program. Before you even get your customer on the telephone, you will get his information on our WEB CRM in real time.

Zythum InfosysQuality . Performance . Assured.
  • Min Unsecured Debt Amount: $10,000 or higher.
  • Must be struggling with the Monthly Payments |Hardship situation.
  • Can afford at least 2% as monthly payment.
  • Must have a proper income source | Not unemployed.
  • Unsecured debts include - Credit Card debts, Unsecured Personal Loan.
  • 100% Exclusivity Guarantee, should not be speaking/working with any other company.
  • 100% Replacement guarantee.

All our Live Transfers come with over $10,000 in pending credit card bills. These clients are looking for help in their financial condition because they are paying extremely high interest rates in double figures. We give you 100% exclusivity guarantee and replacement assurance. We never resell our leads . If the client is already working with any other company, you are not paying us for that.

With our advanced platform, you get a host of powerful tools enabling you to convert prospects into profits today. Quality and commitment is another name for Z Transfers.

Salient Features: