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Education/EDU Live Call Transfer Leads

ZTransfers (Zythum Infosys Group) is offering Education Leads/Edu Leads that is dedicated to providing your company the conversion. We can customize Education Leads campaign specifically targeting to your needs. We have an experience and proven Education lead generation techniques to jumpstart your Marketing and Sales pipeline. We provide the best EDU leads and Education Live Call Transfers Leads which can take your business to new heights.

We generate our EDU leads from online web-forms where students are looking to pursue their education in the next 3-6 months. We work only on opted-in leads and that's the reason for our buyer's success. We have a double verification system inplace where each and every lead is verified twice before the transfer is made.

We aim at long term business relationships and guarantee you the best Education Live Call Transfers| EDU live leads in the industry. We can deliver leads as per your requirements with custom criteria, custom transfer timings. Moreover we are extremely flexible with our rejection policy. We replace all the bad leads on the same day and do not give you chance to complain.

Auto Loan Leads / Auto Warranty Leads /Auto Insurance Live Transfers

ZTransfers (Zythum Infosys Group) offers Auto Warranty leads and Auto Loan | Finance Leads package, which gets you Double Verified Full Form (25 Fields) Auto Loan Leads, Auto Warranty Leads and Auto Insurance Live Call Transfers and Call Verified Batch leads for your company. Our Exclusive live transfers are sold just once so that you do not have to compete even after spending money for Exclusive ones.

We generate our Leads from various sources like telemarketing, email marketing, voice broadcasting and various ping tree's. We verify all the applications we get over the phone to ensure the quality of our Live Call Transfers and Auto Warranty Live Leads. All our inbound calls are hot and delivered in real-time and you will be the first to reach them. We give you assurance that once we get a chance to serve you , you wont regret.

Salient Features:

  • Double Verified Leads
  • 100% replacement for bad leads
  • Z Transfers CRM (Lead Management System)
  • In House Verification
  • Order Scheduling
  • 3 Minutes buffer window
  • 100% Exclusivity Guarantee | 100% Replacement Guarantee