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Foreclosure Defense Live Call Transfer Leads

Are you looking for Inbound Foreclosure Defense Live Call Transfer Leads... Z Transfers ( Zythum Infosys Group) is your solution. We can get you Exclusive Foreclosure Defense and Loss mitigation leads at the best price in the industry right now. Our Double Verified Live Transfers go through a very stringent process of verification before they are transferred Live to you.

Our foreclosure leads are extremely high quality because these are people who can and willing to do anything to save their properties. All these clients have already received Notice of Default / Foreclosure Notice and sale date and all they want is to save their property. We make sure they have a proper income source to afford your services. Either these clients are turned down for Loan Modification by their banks or have been scammed by some or the other company.

We generate live call transfers, Payday Loan Leads and we connect you to clients who are ready to speak to you and make a decision at the same time. These are real hot prospects and you can also expect a one call close. Our current conversion is over 15 % on these and our clients are real happy using us as their primary live transfer lead vendor.


Zythum Infosys Quality . Performance . Assured.


  • Must be interested in saving his house.
  • Must be At least 1 Month late on Monthly Mortgage Payments.
  • Must be going through Genuine Hardship situation.
  • Min Loan Amount: $150,000 and above.
  • Monthly payments should be over 33% of their gross monthly income.
  • Must have time and willing to speak with Loan Modification specialist regarding the same.
  • 100% Exclusivity Guarantee, should not be speaking/working with any other company.
  • 100% Replacement guarantee.

We specialize in generating Foreclosure Defense Warm Calls and we have achieved over 20% closing with our buyers as well. Here we bill you only for the good leads you have received and not for all the transfers made. We give you 3 Minutes Buffer Window with all our leads and offer 10% extras on volume purchases. We also provide 100% Replacement and 100% Exclusivity guarantee. Average Talk time on these calls are currently over 16 minutes. I am sure we won't disappoint you if you give us a chance to prove ourselves.

Salient Features:

  • Double Verified Leads
  • 100% Replacement for bad leads
  • Z Transfers CRM (Lead Management System)
  • In House Verification
  • Order Scheduling
  • High Quality Leads
  • Exclusive Leads