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Loan Modification Live Call Transfer Leads

Are you looking for Inbound Loan Modification Live Call Transfer Leads? Z Transfers (Zythum Infosys Group) is your solution. We can get you Exclusive Loan Modification leads at the best price in the industry right at your phone lines. Our Double Verified Live Transfers go through very stringent process of verification before they are delivered Live to you.

We achieve the maximum closing ratio in the industry and reason we do that is because we work only on opted - in leads where people have applied for a loan modification program online. These homeowners request a call back on websites and our call center representatives call them making sure that the are not already working with any other company.There are millions of homeowners who are looking for help to save their property. Our Pre- Qualified hot Inbound Calls help you to get in touch with them right when they require your service. Our exiting clients are achieving over 13% conversion on our leads at the moment .

Best Part is that all our leads come with 3 MINUTE BUFFER TIME.

Zythum Infosys Quality . Performance . Assured.


  • Must be interested in saving his house.
  • Must be At least 1 Month late on Monthly Mortgage Payments.
  • Must be going through Genuine Hardship situation.
  • Min Loan Amount: $150,000 and above.
  • Monthly payments should be over 33% of their gross monthly income.
  • Must have time and willing to speak with Loan Modification specialist regarding the same.
  • 100% Exclusivity Guarantee, should not be speaking/working with any other company.
  • 100% Replacement guarantee.

We specialise in generating Loan Modification Warm Calls, Payday Loan Leads and we have achieved over 20% closing with our buyers . Our Average Closing Percentage is over 13% . We buy the most fresh and real time Opt-In Leads from various websites and become the first person to reach these distressed home owners. Our Average call Time is over 18 minutes. All our clients are at least one month late on their Monthly Mortgage Payments and are not working with any other company. We give you 100% exclusivity and replacement guanrantee.

Loan Modification leads are our Forte. Here at Z Transfers (Zythum Infosys Group) all live transfers are filtered to meet Criteria up to the highest precision. We hand over the Best Exclusive and Screened Loan Mod Live Call Transfers in the country and we guarantee it!

Salient Features:

  • Double Verified Leads
  • 100% replacement for bad leads
  • Z Transfers CRM (Lead Management System)
  • In House Verification
  • Order Scheduling
  • High Quality Leads
  • Exclusive Leads