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Live TRansfer Mortgage refinance leads (Exclusive)

ZTransfers (Zythum Infosys Group) offers you Double Verified Mortgage Refinance Live Transfers / Refinance Leads at the best price in the industry. Our HARP and HAMP Leads are 100% exclusive, so you are not competing with any other company.

Do not spend your time speaking to people who are not interested or the ones who have been called hundreds of time already. Speak with clients transferred just to you and to nobody else .We are one of the leaders in generating our Conventional Refinance Mortgage Live Call transfer Leads and have fulfilled over 2500 orders successfully in the last 8 years. We achieve the maximum closing ratio in the industry and the reason we do that is because we work only on opted - in leads where people have applied for a Refinance program online. There are millions of homeowners who are fed up with high monthly mortgage payments and can barely afford them; they are looking for a lower Interest Rate on their mortgage. Our Pre- Qualified hot Inbound Leads help you to get in touch with them right when they require your services.

Criteria :

  • Must have time and be willing to listen to Loan Officers refinance offer.
  • Must be home-owner / borrower / co-borrower / authorized decision maker.
  • 85% or lower CLTV.
  • Min Loan Amount: $125,000 or higher.
  • Min Interest Rate: 5 %( Fixed) or higher | 4.5 %( Adjustable) or higher.
  • All interest rates qualify on cash-out refinance (cash out amount must be at least 10k).
  • Should not be currently in bankruptcy, forbearance or foreclosure.
  • Mid FICO Score should not be below 620.
  • Not refinanced within the last 12 months |No Bankruptcy or Foreclosure in the last 12 months.
  • Accepted Property Types :- Single Family houses. No mobile or manufactured homes.
  • 100% Exclusivity Guarantee, should not be speaking/working with any other company.
  • 100% Replacement guarantee | 3 Minute buffer Time window.

With our experience in lead generation, we offer great quality Conventional Mortgage Leads | FHA Live Calls | Interest Rate reduction leadswith exceptional conversion rates. We have achieved over 15% conversion rate and will continue to deliver High Quality and Double Verified Live Calls in future. We also generate HARP and FHA Streamline live calls.

All our leads have a default 3 minutes buffer window which makes them very responsive and you will never be paying for bad leads ever. Here we bill you only for the good leads which you can convert because we also promise 100% replacement guarantee on all bad leads sent. Currently our average talk time is over 15 minutes per lead and that shows that you are speaking to real clients who are interested in getting more information about your product. We also generate Payday Loan leads.

We also generate INBOUND FHA Mortgage Leads and HARP Mortgage Leads as per the FHA guidelines.

Salient Features:

  • Double Verified Leads
  • 100% replacement for bad leads
  • Z Transfers CRM (Lead Management System)
  • In House Verification
  • 3 Minutes Buffer Window
  • Opted-in leads only
  • 100% Exclusivity Guarantee