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We at Z Transfers use state of ART Web Lead Management system which enables to you to use your leads more effectively. Our system is a Real - Time Web based lead tracker which helps you enable call distribution to your reps more efficiently. We can offer you agent and supervisor accounts to monitor sales on a daily basis.

Our web CRM uses high levels of security to prevent unauthorized access to your leads. We make sure your exlcusive leads always remain exclusive to you. It is very simple and easy that even a amature can use it without any training. This is an easy to use monitoring tool which helps you increase sales with ease.

Email Lead Notification System : Our system has Email Lead Notification Center which send you emails for various things including lead submission, order delivery, account balance details and order completion notification. All Emails are sent in real-time so that you never miss a Lead. You get all info anywhere even if you are in your car.

Our system is pre-loaded with various good features for effective monitoring including statistical and graphical methods. Here are a list of features which are there to help you out :

  • Request Replacement
  • Email Lead Notification system
  • Email lead balance notifications
  • Graphicals analysis of your campaign

We have a very effective CRM which generates a unique track ID for all the leads so that you don't face any issues while tracking you leads.

Before the call is transferred, portal is updated with the incoming lead's information with a unique track ID.
You also have a feature to update all the leads with your comments and Request REPLACEMENT as soon as you receive a bad lead. The state of art portal also gives you the facility to Manage / Schedule your order online.

Our system accepts all pending leads after 48 hours of the submission. So you just have to reject the leads and rest will be accepted automatically.

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