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Z TRANSFERS (ZYTHUM INFOSYS GROUP) offers exclusive live leads to professionals and companies after they are screened twice.

We Generate INBOUND LEADS FOR Loan Modification Companies, Banks, Mortgage Bankers & Brokers, Debt Settlement and Debt Consolidation Companies, and Professionals. We have our own Inbound Verification Center where calls come in from all our affiliates (Call centers affiliates & telemarketing companies) for the second screening process.

We have not only one but multiple qualified teams to provide you best leads in the market. We currently have exclusive agreements with many webistes who provides us all the traffic they generate organically . These are the clients who fill up web - forms on these websites requesting us to call them back regarding Mortgage Refinance , Loan Modification , Foreclosure Defense , Debt Settlement , Credit Repair , Bankruptcy etc. We become first to reach them and transfer them to our clients who can help them by their services. We also produce Payday Loan Leads.

Our CRM Lead Management System allows us to filter out all DNC ( Internal DNC Monitoring System) and Duplicates before we transfer calls to our clients. We some some exclsuive features on our Web-Portal which can help you track all the leads , check account balance at any time. Our system will keep pushing Lead Notification and Low Balance Notification emails to that consistancy is never broken. You can also request replacement on it.

We are one and only company who gives you 3 Minutes Buffer Window ( Any transfer which last for less than 180 seconds will not be billable) along with 100% Replacement Guarantee and 100% Exclusivity Guarantee with all leads.

We check each and every call for the following things:

  • Time availability
  • Language barrier
  • Criteria fulfillment
  • Intent level


CRM / ONLINE LEAD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (Z Transfers Debt | Loan Modification Leads CRM)
We have a very effective CRM which generates a unique track ID for all the leads so that you don't face any issues while tracking you leads.

Before the call is transferred, portal is updated with the incoming lead's information with a unique track ID. You also have a feature to update all the leads with your comments and Request REPLACEMENT as soon as you receive a bad lead.

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About Zythum Infosys

We proudly believe in all the leads that we generate because of the quality we generate. We are currently generating Debt Settlement Live Transfers, Loan modification exclusive leads, Mortgage refinance hot inbound calls along with IRS Tax, bankruptcy , Buy payday loan real time leads, Australia Netherlands Ireland usa uk germany japan homeowners leads.


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